The science of scientific method or classification.
- Nuttall's Standard dictionary of the English language. By Nuttall, P.Austin. Published 1914. (noun) (n.) (noun)

Usage examples:

Therefore, the methodology presented in this chapter is relevant to humanistic nursing practice theory.
- Humanistic-Nursing by Paterson, Josephine G.
This methodology has allowed us to discover the extent of knowledge and practice in organisations, to understand the roles of responsibility and problem ownership, and to appreciate where the drive towards digital preservation is initiated within organisations.
- ERPANET Case Study: Project Gutenberg by ERPANET
Whene'er of old a boy was dull or quite adverse to knowledge, he Was set an imposition or corrected with a switch: Far different our practice is, who reign by Methodology And guide the dunce by precepts learnt from Landon or from Fitch: 'Twas difficult by rule of thumb to check unseemly merriment, To make your class their pastor treat with proper due regard- 'Tis easy quite for specialists in Juvenile Temperament, Who know the books on Punishment and also on Reward!
- Lyra Frivola by A. D. Godley