- A dictionary of scientific terms. By Henderson, I. F.; Henderson, W. D. Published 1920. (noun) (n. pl.) (noun plural)
Openings from the nasal or nose passages; the nostrils.
- The Winston Simplified Dictionary. By William Dodge Lewis, Edgar Arthur Singer. Published 1919. (noun) (n.) (noun)
The nostrils.
- Warner's pocket medical dictionary of today. By William R. Warner. Published 1898. (noun) (n. pl.) (noun plural)

Usage examples:

In the new edition of Nares other and more recent examples of the employment of the term are given.
- Lucasta by Richard Lovelace
Hayes, Nares and Ambler.
- Trial-of-Mary-Blandy by Roughead, William
Nares's mother and sisters do nothing but laugh at it, and Nares says nothing will make us comfortable but a bankruptcy.
- The Pillars of the House, V1 by Charlotte M. Yonge