A person guilty of theft; one who secretly and feloniously takes the goods of another; an excrescence or waster in the snuff of a candle.
- Nuttall's Standard dictionary of the English language. By Nuttall, P.Austin. Published 1914. (s. & pl.) (singular, plural)
One who takes away the property of another privately without leave, or by violence; one who steals.
- Etymological and pronouncing dictionary of the English language. By Stormonth, James, Phelp, P. H. Published 1874. (noun) (n.) (noun)

Usage examples:

The conspirators are those thieves who have been to St. Paul's.
- The Revolution in Tanner's Lane by Mark Rutherford
They don't look like thieves
- Phil the Fiddler by Horatio Alger, Jr.
Not all of us poor folks are thieves
- The Social Cancer A Complete English Version of Noli Me Tangere by José Rizal